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The Soft Targets for You

August 4 2010, 8 Comments

Digital electronics will be one of the most Easy subject for you as it will be comprising of mostly logical questions and that will give you an edge over others who are simply ignoring subject. Preparing for 8085 will easily fetch you 1 or 2 marks. Go well prepared with the basics the basics.

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The Culprits

August 4 2010, 8 Comments

As per the previous Papers the Subjects like Communication Engineering, Signals and systems and Electromagnetic Theory(EMT) have been the reasons for degrading the scores of students. If you are thinking of starting preparations for EMT then start with Vector Calculus. This will be the most beneficial tactic for EMT. FM and SNR calculations are very important topics. Revise and prepare for them very well.

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AssignmentBank Part1: Subjects: Control theory , Linear electronics , Network Analysis , Digital electronics

August 4 2010, 8 Comments


August 4 2010, 8 Comments

For you to prepare for GENCO/TANCO Exams along with GATE

In case if you are Less Organized

August 4 2010, 8 Comments